When custom error handler is set, could not identify errors in YII | How to Activate error detection in YII

Yii Problem Description:

Whenever i clicked on page link in Yii, it displayed custom error page. In this case, how can i find the error to solve the problem?

I had already checked permissions of that page and uploaded all pages related to it, but it still gave error.

Solution of Yii Issue:

This problem occurred due to case-sensitivity.

To solve this problem check to see if the status of the variable YII_DEBUG in index.php is true or false?

If your YII_DEBUG is set to False then set YII_DEBUG to True (This will activate yii debugger and handle or show  errors) and comment the errorAction code in  protected->cofig->main.php or 

After doing this if you refresh the page you will see that error related to the code is displayed on the screen

Then i found that, i had written controller name xyzcontroller.php in which first letter was small instead of capital like Xyzcontroller.php.


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