How to push my existing code into GIT?


If you want to add your existing code into GIT Version control. Please follows the step below:

Step – 1 : Please go to your project folder.

if your project folder is xyzProject then go to directory of the  “xyzProject”.

cd existing_folder

Step – 2 : Initialize the git repository.  

git init

Step -3 : Add the remote in GIT. It will create the virtual link or connection of the GIT repository and your local code.

git remote add origin

Step – 4 : Now add all the code into git to do this apply the following command.

git add .

Step – 5 : Now commit your code.

git commit -m "Initial commit"

Step – 6 : Push the all your code so that your code will be available in git repo.

git push -u origin master


Hureh! Enjoy, you have successfully added your code to GIT.


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